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Teens Running Away- Real Stories on Troubled Lives

They have decided to leave their home and that too in the darkness of the night without letting anyone know. It’s not just the darkness of the night in which they step out of their houses but with the darkness inside them, the darkness of ignorance, hatred and aggression that make them take the extreme step. Some come back and others are determined, some find a way out and for others it’s a nightmare bringing them back to square one.  Whether it is for their good or bad is in the hands of destiny. Did you make out what this is all about? Yes, just what the title says ‘Teen’s Running Away’. I will be sharing real life episodes to make your aware of what running away did to individual lives.

A seventeen year old gathered up much courage to board a bus heading towards the south. He landed up in nowhere land with no assistance whatsoever.  He was lucky that he got a job and a family of a friend to stay with. He is there ever since. This is the story of a lucky guy. But this might not be the case if you are planning to run away. I have more real life accounts that will compel you to give an after thought to your decision of going homeless, compelling you to live on streets with no personal security of any sort.

Here are life accounts of teenagers and I shall narrate stories of troubled lives. Now the question is, has running away helped them? or it was an addition to the problems they already had?  Read on and reflect for answers to the questions I just put up.

Story 1

“I was just 13 when I ran away. I led a fatherless life and my mother fought with me all the time. Being the only one neglected child I went into depression. I finally decided to runaway and this is where I went wrong. I had no security, I was poor with temporary shelters, where I could hardly stay for a day or two and was thrown away most of the time by policemen who thought I was a beggar. Yes I was no less than a beggar. Day by day it was hard surviving on streets. I started selling drugs and I owed money to the drug dealer who tried too shot me when I was reluctant to pay as I had none with me to give him. He molested me many times. Drug selling is a crime and I was on the toes when the policemen where on the look out for me. I was sick, tired and traumatized. I surrendered one day and my mom was called up. She had to pay a huge sum of money as fine to get me released. This made her more impossible with unexpected behavior that I had to face. It was the consequence of living a homeless life for two months and it was nothing but a bad dream. I hope it could have been a dream but it was not. It was a harsh reality that has scared me for life and the sad part, my mother is still the same even more aggressive and I can’t leave my house as things outside it are far more harsher without security, money and shelter. My advice to teenagers is that, ”I have done it, you don’t.”

Story 2

“I will anonymously share my life account which never let me return back home. I ran away when I was 14. I am 15 now. I have sad things to share of what happened this one year living on streets. I had a fight with my mom as we often did and that night was impossible I jumped from the window of my ground floor apartment and thereon started a life without food, water and shelter for days until I managed to eat food thrown in garbage bins or the food that I had to steal with nothing good that could pamper my taste buds. I Slept on dirty areas with the only blanket that I had managed to pick when I was leaving. I took up odd jobs, even got a family to stay with but there where problems because of me, they fought because the man in the house was not willing to let me stay. I left leaving a long note and never to come back to them. I spent sleepless nights and walking with no destination to reach. I hated the job of cleaning, as I never bothered to keep my shoes clean or tidy up my room but circumstances made me do that. I took up the job as a cleaner. I managed to eat once in a day and living on temporary sheds and on abandoned houses with just a ground to lay my worn out tired figure. Imagine living a life with no future, no security, no one to stop you and no set area of dwelling. It’s a never ending run and nothing else. I survived but you can fall into other traps as well. I kept myself out from drugs and drinking maybe you will not. Things are not easy on streets. Keep it strong in your minds before leaving and don’t just jump over conclusions.” 

Relating to Story 1 running away made that innocent teenage girl a drug seller. This scarred her for life. She was into a nightmare of two months and what happened her troubles increased. Note her advice and follow it, this is my suggestion to the readers. Story 2 is a life account that will make a run away teens think twice and sort out things with family and perhaps go back home.  It is estimated that approximately 1.5 million U.S. youth run away with 68% in the age group of 15-17, 35% had run away before. Every year approximately 5000 runaways and homeless youth die from assault, illness, and suicide. Behind the statistics lie harsh realities and tortured lives and it is not that easy. If you have problems in family sort things out, consult but don’t run away and get into trouble unnecessarily. It can ruin your life forever. Take e-help at http://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp and stop doing the unexpected.



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