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Teens Running Away- Parents Play the Blame Game

We are there to play the blame game when a teenager runs away but are we correct on our assessment to which we conclude upon? And is it essential to waste time on that? This is the question worth paying attention to. We often fail to contemplate the real cause. Who is responsible or who is to blame is not what is important; it’s high time for parents and guardians to analyze circumstances that compel a teen to leave home and live on streets and seek solution to it. We need to stop letting it happen in the most constructive manner. Blaming won’t help.


At first it’s important getting aware of the alarming statistics on teens running away each year and letting your kid know about it, if he or she is in a state to run away perhaps never to come back again. There are over 1.5 million youth under 21 currently living on the streets in this country, and it's estimated that 13 of those children loose their lives due to poor living conditions, lack of food and medical help or commit suicide due to assaults that they might face during their ordeal of leaving house or due to depressed state of mind. According to the Department of Health, 1 million teenagers or perhaps more of them run away from their home each year. This phenomena has resulted in 86 percentage of running away cases reported in relation to the youth of our nation between 14 to 17 years of age with increase in female teens getting abandoned more than teenage boys of the same age group.


If, as a parent you suspect that your teen is preparing to make a quick move, don’t just wait to let that happen for you to blame yourself or others in your family afterwards for whatever might be the cause. It’s time for you to act responsibly and get into clear talks, to sort things out. If a recent scuffle has threatened your kid to run away, don’t hesitate to talk to her about it. Inform your son or daughter about the possible consequences of living on streets that can change lives forever. Living on the streets without anyone known to you can be dangerous with the possibility of untoward incidences to happen. Teens must be aware that they can face assault, get involved in brawl, kidnapped for ransom, face molestation or can get addicted to alcoholism and drug intake. The key thing is to make your teen feel secure at home and make them feel that you care. Make sure you let them know how much you love them and problems are best sorted out at home.


In case you fail in your effort to make the teenager understand the bitter consequences of running away from home and your child has already run away, report it to the police for immediate action before your teen ends up becoming a victim to unlawful acts. Go for counseling once your kid is back and try to mend relationship that had somehow gone bitter to avoid reoccurrences of situation that compelled your kid to run away from you. For further assistance on such issues call at 1-800-621-4000 or get ehelp at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp.



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