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Teen  Suicidal Acts-  A Case Study

A teen caught in that gray area between childhood and adulthood with the obvious possibility of going through the period of great confusion and anxiety. There's pressure to fit in socially, to perform academically and to act responsibly with a growing self-identity. Friends circles of similar age group can help us to deal with complex issues that generally arise but many doesn’t seem to believe they have that, and feel disconnected and isolated from family and friends. These teens are at increased risk for suicide. Teens are desperate these days coping with the competitive environment they are into and the ongoing pressure to be at par academically. It’s a phase of grasping new things and with it comes anxiety, aggression and suicidal acts. Loneliness can make things worse. Its necessary for us to study facts, individual experiences and learn from the consequences if we are in the same state of being suicidal.

If we look into the experience of a Teen of 15, I can’t name him though, but it’s very sad and an extreme depressed mind developed out of constant aloofness from friend circles and with no family support as well. I picked up his real life episode of suicidal feelings arousing up in his mind and suicidal acts that he committed. It goes like this:-

“I am filled with anger and despair. I want to hold onto something to pull me through, something to be happy about. Most people have friends, girlfriends, supportive parents etc to give them what they need emotionally. I don't have any of the above. I do have a few friends, but over the internet. In reality I am alone and always will be. I am destined to the life that is secluded with no one to support. No amount of therapy can fix this in my state. I would love to be normal again, to have friends, to be happy. But it won't happen as far as I can see. I probably will commit suicide within a year, when and how I don't know yet and I don't want to go into it but circumstances add as a recurring force compelling me to end my life. I was not like this, always. I have vague memories of being bullied in years 3 & 4 as quiet and lonely people are often being subjected to and mine was severe bullying. I started hating school and hanging around with load of idiots and wrong friends was a cliché to utter who later ditched me. There was a shield of some sort to protect me and I maintained a distance, always, I had no other choice. I used to slash up my arms with cut marks everywhere near the veins but didn’t have the courage to do it to the extent of dying. It made me stronger to the sense that I could laugh at myself but torn apart from inside so deep that ending life was the only solution out for me. Year 8 was a little happier, suicidal feelings subsided a bit with a good friend circle of five of us. Bullying stopped as we were the strongest and I never reacted to harsh comments whatsoever but things never always were the same. It fell apart, something caught us and two in our group left the remaining of us three. They went into conspiring and bitching. The three of us were not able to drag it any longer and they went their ways leaving me behind and I was suicidal again with nowhere to go and I have to say this again that I am destined to have an untimely death as an obvious and unnatural after effect of suicide. I am dead already and I don’t feel anything now. My parents don’t bother they name it madness. My advice to the readers is not to follow me no matter how depressed you are. Run out of its grip or else you will be suicidal too.”

This is what loneliness and lack of support system did to this teen. You can’t be the next case. I have the hope that he won’t commit suicide, this teen of 15 shouldn’t end his life, he maybe seeking help from a support group and what you have to do is to learn from his experience, tie up with old friends or make new ones and talk to family members. Open up and don’t lock yourself in your room. I –am sure that this case study would have helped you. For anyone who has become insensitive out of loneliness with no felling good or bad and have an inclination towards committing suicide should think twice that he or she is not alone and canget eHelp at: http://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp or call at 1-800-SUICIDE.



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