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Teen Gangs- Is Your Teen in the Process of Joining One?

Some questions often remain unanswered but it is the time that matters and which makes the difference. If a teen feels neglected at home due to lack of time given by parents which then paves way for them to look for some space in a group that is more supportive or a gang that is rebellious. Teens feels secure and powerful at least that is what a teen feels until he lands up in life threatening dangers and trouble for the family. It is therefore paramount to ensure that your teenager child is in safe hands and his or her activities are not posing a threat to the law and order of the locality by joining an anti-social gang of spoilt brats.

In an active forum I came across this sentence from a sensible teen, “These gangsters are a WEAKNESS and THREAT to society.” Another went like this “Problem arises because of high standard of living; things are so expensive today I can’t manage with the pocket money I get. Most of the gang lots come from families who neglect them to the extent that they resort help from their friends and are dependent to them for almost every thing. We really need to look at this seriously. They are our future generation and this is just the beginning.”

We need to be aware for the hard reality that we live with these gangs who are on the look out for your teen and therefore it’s high time that your teen goes under the protective shield of parenthood. I am not asking you to pamper them but to give time and some sort of financial security so as to make them feel comfortable so that they do not resort for help outside. It won’t be surprising to say that Gang members often come from homes where they feel alienated or neglected. They may turn to gangs when their needs for love are not being met at home.  Risks increase when the community fails to provide sufficient youth programs or alternatives to violence or crimes committed by such gangs.

Who to blame? We can’t just blame the gangs. There is the Government and parents to blame. After extensive research it was estimated that gangs have infiltrated virtually every county in Michigan. Some counties have extensive gang problems; others have the beginning of a serious gang problem, or are impacted indirectly by these criminal groups. As of June 24 of this year, there have been 38 gang-related homicides and 316 gang shootings with 398 wounded most in major cities of America and the gangs are a cancer for the society.

Gang violence is a community problem and we will have to fight it through and save a teen life. Parents can provide that much needed support for the teen so he or she will not be forced to search for these basic needs from a gang. Encourage your teen to stay in school and finish his education. Young people who successfully participate in and complete education have greater opportunities to develop into reasonable adults and not get lured by anti social elements like the Teen gangs who themselves are an immature lot and last but not the least, the essential part is to, help your teens and make them aware of the life ruining consequences of joining teen gangs. Develop positive alternatives such as sports, music, or drama programs for after school and on the weekends. More advice and e-help is attainable at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp


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