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Teen Drug Abuse Leads to Teen Downfall

‘The only person you have the power to control is you along with your thoughts and your actions. Actions determine results and we act to what our conscience direct us to do.’ I am not here to preach anything but to make you aware of the grave reality behind any kind of substance abuse. I would like to bring into light drug abuse facts for you to analyze and make out the difference between right and wrong. It will be foolishness if I say that drug intake to the extent of abusing it can do any good to you as heath risks are likely to occur along with mental instability that can make you do even worse deeds and you won’t have time to repent for it.

Taking prescribed drugs of a person who is sick and feeling good about the way you felt after consuming it, can make you addicted to it with the prolonged use of the drug. Non-prescribed or banned drugs can harm you to the extent of taking your precious life out of your control and ending it miserably. People are suffering as a result of the drug abuse done whether intentionally or unknowingly and what is sad is, that, at a very early age of their lives, teens are getting effected by drug abuse.

If we take into account real life issues of people effected with drug abuse, then the one narrated below by the person herself, caught my attention. It goes like this:-

“I remember around the age of 16 when I found a prescription of a drug suggested by the medical practitioner for my mother and took a few of it out of curiosity and I liked the way I felt. Continued it for few more days and couldn’t resist having it for days that followed. It led to horrible head aches and black outs landing me to clinics and rehab centers on a regular basis. I felt I was trapped and my life was at stake. I now stay separated from my husband and he thinks my addiction and constant abuse of drugs will stay with me, the rest of my life because it is hard to control to not having it. I am a slave to it and the backward countdown of my downfall has begun.”

This teen who is a grown up now is forced to face the aftermath of a bad decision made when she was just at the age of sixteen. Although disheartening for those in addiction and substance abuse, it tells us about the fact that drug abuse leads to unhappy situations and constant downfall if not checked early. Rehab centers offer help only when you are yourself determined to stop consuming drugs and ending it from its root and not letting it govern your body and mind.  

Cocaine, inhalants, Marijuana causes great trouble leading to addiction, depression, major debts, psychological disorders, aggressiveness and suicide attacks as well. Drug abuse can start by inhaling household products that is, gasoline, glue and the most preferred one which is hairspray. It’s important for you to be aware of the dangers of pot smoking and other drug intake and how does Marijuana or cocaine intake effects our nervous system. Get your life to a halt from this constant downfall of your very existence into this world. You can’t waste it that way! It is a war out there, among the youths to fight out 'DRUG ABUSE' and lead a more healthier and happier life. Go ahead, acquire help through Teen Support with it’s e-help open for you. Visit our e-help at  http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp or call at the support hotline at 1-800-662-4357.



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