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Teen Crime- We Can’t Let it Happen

Are we living in a concrete jungle? Are we are competing with Time? The answers to these could be an affirmative, yes but are we fighting to end the ill minded aggressive teens maturing into criminals? Why are we tight lipped when we have to answer that? Teens today are part of the crimes that occur. We become selfish to think about those whom we care for especially of the teenage kid in our house. Why don’t we act when we find a friend of our teenage child getting into the filthy environment of crimes? We find it obvious today to have a chill running down our spines at lonely places secluded places on encountering group of teenagers in streets and even in crowded buses and trains fearing of assaults and eve-teasing. We can end it if we try. Discouraging crime at the lowest level can stop the cycle before it escalates into rape or homicide.


Statistics may suggest a decrease in crimes from 1992 to 1999 but a related survey that follows just after that shows criminal tendencies among the teens of 14 to 17 years of age were on the rise. Homicide was the second largest cause of death for 15 -24 year olds. In 2006, 1539 murder victims were under 18 but the arrest made were only 15 % of what more was supposed to take place. It was early in 1994 that the senate passed a bill to curb teen crimes as it was considered a matter of great attention. It grave at this stage for us to understand criminal tendencies among teenagers arise as a result of bad companionship of ill- minded friends with a combination of bad parenting environment or parental negligence with harshness, poverty, alcoholism or abuse that are directly related crimes committed by adolescents. Similarly, lifelong criminal activities tend to be the aftermath of early neurological impairment or difficult temperament that refuses to resolve things or matters that get worse to take shape of hideous crimes. 


Its paramount to enlighten them to be able to differentiate to what is right or wrong and avoid situations to worsen that make teens aggressive in their actions hence making them probable criminals at the early bloom of their lives. As often the situation is, it has been found that, sadly, teens get involved in crimes that they don’t intend to commit. A majority of them feel guilty to the criminal activities committed. If your teenage kid has a bad company and having friend circles with teenagers who have criminal minds act as fast as you can to try and free your child from the clutches of the sad and unfortunate destiny that it beholds giving birth to crimes that are unintended or sometimes with a possible motive in it. A teenage mind is curious and can get lured up by criminal groups or other anti social elements that exploit young teenage minds to the extent of spoiling there bright future. Knowing facts about crime, understanding the law, getting aware of the consequences that it can lead to and the risk factors can help us prevent it to some extent. It’s not only getting your child out of it but helping others in your neighborhood too.


It’s only the teenager who has to fight it out and others can be their backbone in ending it from its root. A quick span of momentary aggregation can make them criminals of the future and it is up to us to make them understand this reality. If bad parenting is the cause try and start afresh to lead a happy considerate life with your teenage kid. In cases where they are witness to parental aggression and violence teens can end up being criminals, as much is learnt from parents and guardians.  We can take help from friends and adults leaders to learn the facts about crime and violence and ways to prevent it. Getting involved in service-learning projects will benefit our community and can in turn help teenagers. Teaching teens to manage their anger in non-violent ways will encourage them to avoid criminal activities. Techniques in modern age science are followed by brain imaging and study of molecular genetics so that the truth of teen crimes can unravel the very origin of it. Just make an effort and teenagers can see the clear light of day and a bright future ahead. Visit the forum section at http://www.teensupport.us/Forum/Forumindex.asp to leave a question on, for possible Teen Support where you can be sure to get an answer to your query. If that is not viable get e-help athttp://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp.



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