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Teen Alcoholism- Young Lives at Stake

Desperate to crawl out of the wilderness that is created by the alcoholism in which you are into? Want to crawl out of the bottle into a better future that lies before you? Don’t you want to?  This is a question often asked to an alcoholic with less expectation of the affirmative. Some try it for fun and others make it a habit only to create havoc into their lives putting young lives at stake. I can list true stories of teen lives at stake and their efforts in this regard, that is, to come out of ALCOHOLISM. There is an appropriate one that I can share in order to justify to what is mentioned above.

“I have given it a try to maintain control over it for some time and getting into it again.  I have started ruminating to the fact that alcohol has transformed me into a Villain, that is what I think. How much do I have or what can I get out of life and what is spent wasted? It’s hellish to be in alcoholism with no one to support you.  I am clinging onto the bottle as my sole companion, only to destroy me and leaving my life at stake.” These are the words of a fifteen year old Teen, who is under the influence of alcohol and seeks help from a social forum. The teen continues, “Regarded nothing more than an insane, I have nowhere to go but to come here and post this message. Yes, I am insane or say in the verge of becoming one or might be regarded as one. I lead a life that lands me in hospitals, ends up getting me into trouble and putting me close to death on numerous occasions and guess what? I have no friends and my family thinks that I have gone beyond taking advices and following them. I even went for spiritual solace but couldn’t resist alcohol for more than 6 Months. I feel dejected, helpless and not of any worth. Can anyone help me with this? I am desperate!!”

The replies that came, where obvious yet helpful for the teen in trouble. One of them replied that hope is the only asset that is there for the help seeker who at least has that bit of sense to reflect upon of what he is going through as there are more troublesome cases known to the member who replied. “As long as you live and breathing in and out, you have that hope of getting that much awaited, ULTIMATE CURE. Why not try a detox? It might help. The choice is yours, you will have to help yourself as you said you have given it a try. Analyze yourself, to what lengths are you willing to go, there is a good person in you. It’s just the alcohol that is making you a villain and making others to maintain a distance from you. Say to yourself, “I do NOT need alcohol as a support system to validate my existence”, as replied by the member.

This one stirred me, it went like this- “You are moving at the right direction in posting here and seeking advice. We are all at the same ship to hell. Mark it “SHIP TO HELL”. Trying it once for fun and regularizing the intake are two different things. Once addicted there is no way out, unless you try. I am happy that you are trying and desperate to come out of it. Come out of the ship as I am trying to escape just like you and about to join a rehab.  Join one that is near you and Good Luck!”
Now, if I am asked to comment on it I will say that sobriety is good and one who thinks seriously has a long way to go and too in the case of this teen who is alcoholic at the young age of fifteen.  I hope he goes in for a treatment and leave the ship of hell as replied by a member. This teen knows about the worst situation in which he is getting into and this is his plus point. He knows that his life is at stake, if not acted upon in the right direction. Being in control of yourself is a lot better that going out of control or letting others to control you.  He is trying, seeking help and so can you!  Recovery leads to a dawn to which you won’t dread opening your eyes to, it will bring happiness and never put your life at stake. Help is here at Teen Support through the e-help section. Give a sure shot visit at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp.


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