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Teen Alcoholism- Social Forums are of Great Help

You seem to be in trouble as you have resorted for help at Teensupport. Alcoholism is a monster unmasking itself in the form of tragedy and breakups, failures, betrayal, ignorance and the immediate occurrence of Suicide. These are interrelated and stress levels are increasing compelling teens to move towards alcoholism. This is a reality, a harsher one, of teens getting addicted and spoiling a life that might have been far more sweeter. As an article writer for this site I have gone done a close perusal of individual teen troubles relevant to Alcoholism. What I came to know is that, Social forums have ready solution derived out of discussions with teens in desperate need of help. If you think you are addicted the facts mentioned right there can come in handy in solving much of your trouble or if you still haven’t understood and left drinking then seek help right away or else you could be in serious life threatening trouble. Teenage is the phase of life to adapt the good or bad and teens have that tendency of getting lured up a lot by what they see, hear and read. You can start drinking as a result of it but since Teen minds are adaptable many things, they can also adopt solutions to drive alcoholism away from their young lives. One can eventually come out of ALCOHOLISM, then. However, Motivation for cure is the key.

Forums can help you too. I have been to forums sites to try find how teens cope with situations leading to Alcoholism. I got to view facts and one thing which came to me as a surprise was Alcohol addiction is often paired with other substance abuse including tobacco and illegal drugs and many commit suicides or attempt one when nothing is of any help to them. Teens are active on forums in discussing the problem that is engulfing them and are often successful in getting positive replies. In a recent forum visit I came to across a desperate Teen, age 14, writing it out for help, “I have been so stressed and over the weekend I took to alcohol intake, I went out of control and hurting everyone in whatever insane manner I could. I tried everything, I am about to shift to a new place, joined a musical troop and trying to concentrate but nothing is of any help. I think it’s over for me and I want to die now.” This is sad but what was good was the reply that she got from a Fifteen year old, who herself had the problem of addiction, “Resort to help of some sort and don’t give up. It will be a sorry situation for you to land up in hospital for a possible cure but do it, there is nothing to feel ashamed about. You are trying and that is creditable, even I am trying. Just stick to your efforts and don’t go alcoholic any more. Have patience, it will work. You are shifting up to a new place may be that will help and music is a healer too but don’t forget to seek both psychiatric and medical help or otherwise you will die miserably”. This was something I think coming as a relief to the person seeking assistance.

Another one read like this- “I cut myself to relieve stress. I am player with everything on my shoulders to manage and with it comes, stress that gets uncontrollable, I resorted to alcohol to stop cutting myself and I have trouble with my coaches. I took it to extreme drinking all night long.  I don't feel the stress anymore. I want to get rid but I am scared that if I stop I shall attempt cutting myself again. I need urgent help as I don’t want to ‘DIE YOUNG’.” The answer was to seek help, a psychiatric help and it is not at all scary as many do feel like that. “ I want you to know one thing that since you a player you have an athletic body and open to injuries while playing and cutting might add to it affecting your health and straining your heart making your heart rate fall. Head over to a rehab center if you can’t handle it anymore don’t cut or hurt yourself. Get help ASAP as time is running by.”, written by the Teen who replied. Another youngster of 18 years of age came to the aid and wrote about alcohol abuse which is on a high rise. He said,” You must be aware of the alcohol abuse that you are resorting to and how it is a health hazard for you. You said you don’t want to die young and you are just 14 then seek help, consult a therapist or consultant. As an unknown to you I can suggest this as the ripe solution and of course our community to help you. Do keep us informed.”

Now, it’s a relief that these forums have something good in them. The solution seeker can be the advisor as well and learn from co-members and seek help. It’s not a myth, believe it, forums can help you too. The forum discussions summarized above could be an eye-opener too for those in addiction who do not want to die young. Selecting an alcohol addiction treatment program is something that you have to do and that is possibly what will be advised but forums help in understanding that you are not alone. Other fight it out too and you are no less in combating alcoholism and other troubles. I suppose those in help, reading on this article and what I have concluded upon, will now visit a forum, join it and open up with their troubles to share and answers will pour over and that’s for sure. There are many drug and alcohol rehab centers which one to choose? The one around the corner may just be the right choice for me or not? What are the things that should be considered upon? These questions have their answer too in Teen related social forums. What you therefore need, is to ACT FAST AS YOU DON’T WANT TO DIE YOUNG.

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