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Teen Alcohol Abuse- Realization Opens up Path towards Recovery
Is your teen under safe hands? Is she getting lured and is influenced in venturing towards the wrong path. Alcoholism is one thing that is affecting teen lives with one thing to learn early on is that you are powerless over the life and actions of the alcoholic or addict. Does your Teen gets into terms on how alcohol is ruining his or her life? Do teens realize this? Lots of questions with less time to answer. The time is running out of our hands and only realization can help take a resort.
Alcohol abuse is a perilous situation not only for the person who suffers from it, but also for people around him or her. As a medical diagnosis, alcohol abuse is a pattern of behavior that involves extreme alcohol consumption. Drinking begins as a part of social interaction and converts into an extreme habit. Difficulty in stopping or dropping the quantity of alcohol consumption, and damaged occupational or social duties are the characteristics of alcohol abuse. Through parents, siblings, children, spouse or self-encounter, alcoholism has affected the lifestyle of most people. This leads to a number of problems for the family and friends of the affected and also the society at large. Consumption of alcohol affects various aspects of the life and lifestyle of the alcoholic and it’s high time that alcoholic realizes the aftermath and takes steps towards recovery.
Real instances of an alcoholic life can serve worthwhile to at least making an alcoholic, realize the darkness of guilt, shame and a harder to live life with alcohol abuse. “I quit drinking for a year once. I was so happy that I gotten to that point that I had a drink to celebrate and not abuse. Yes, really. I think I planned to have the one rehab centre for my cure and that probably turned into eight to ten years of my being alcoholic and abuse it aggressively. Slightly destabilizing but satisfying off course as a possible cure makes you less dependent and miserable for sorry situations to occur. In many ways, things didn't get better after quitting, but they surely got easier. Easier means no more hang overs, less guilt and shame, confidence and health improving day by day. An easier time being a human now. It is the weakness of mind that works when you start abusing alcohol and it is when you think that if things didn't automatically get better, it seemed like not drinking wasn't helping, wasn't working. In that state of mind, it seemed like returning to drinking was a viable option but again it is the mind that should have control over situations. By joining a rehab I came to know that I need to be aware of where I'm at right now, in what situation, under what circumstances. Only when you do is when you experience. I think seeing that others have had to deal with similar things makes it easier to understand patterns of thought and appropriate reactions and responses. And to interpret as to what it is to go through alcohol abusive situations.”
It is the hardest thing to accept but the realization of it gets you towards thinking at the right direction, towards total cure and not abusing alcohol. Some of the facts of life are given below. The comments and response from an abusive alcoholic just after taking up a rehabilitation program- “Sobriety is so very precious, a gift of life to me, making me realize the treasure that was left unrevealed and covered by the alcoholism in my overall teen life. Yes I am talking about the treasure of a trouble free, healthy life free from alcohol and its ongoing abuse and it is this life that I need to never take for granted again. Has my life changed, you bet it has…I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is pray and Thank God for keeping me sober another day. I make a gratitude list every morning, just to remind me of the blessings I get each day from who so ever known I meet. Today I have a job after being unemployed for 17 months so it is difficult to make 2-3 meetings a day at the AA (rehab centre) but I do make at least 1 every single day, my life still depends on them. I try to always be there for anyone who wants help getting and staying sober, I give back what was so freely given to me. The Teen then concludes of by writing this thing that touched me and will make an alcoholic more likely to go to a AA step up towards rehabilitation to reunite with an alcohol free life. He wrote “Do I have a perfect program, no, but I do the best I can each day. I try to remain teachable never forgetting where I have been. And every night before I put my head on my pillow, I count my blessings and I Thank God for my life and for my sobriety and for the ultimate cured life that came out of the clutches of Alcohol abuse. I am glad I did not perish.”
I think a world after an abusive life with alcohol in mind is better if not good. Off course things can’t be as good it was earlier and you have the bitter memories with you but one thing to add and I always keep quoting right here is- “There is time only if we can use it wisely and get influenced for our good and not for a gradual downfall. It is to act fast in the right manner for the right cause.”
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