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Running Away Could be Disastrous- A Teen’s Story

There is an alarming statistic to haunt us when we think of teens running away from their homes to their friend’s place or manage living on streets, shelter less without any monetary assistance of any sort. There are statistics with over 1.5 million U.S. youth running away or are sent away from home yearly, 68% are between the ages of 15-17, 35% had run away before. Every year approximately 5000 runaways and homeless youth die from assault, illness, and suicide. In 1999, an estimated 1,682,900 youth had a runaway episode. The statistics just mentioned here, cannot hide the traumatic stories waiting to be told of how disastrous and horrible running away could be and as a consequence of it you will be left with nothing more than to repent for your deeds.

I was moved by a recently read story of a Man in his 40 describing the traumatic situation of discovering his parent’s grave after 27 years of absence from home ever since he ran away. It went like this-“I am an emotional person and that made me run away 28 years back when I was just 12. I am a settled person now, a family man but there is past of me to repent upon. My family doesn’t know about it and nor I am going to let them know as they will hate me for what I did. In the course of my running away I learnt many lessons and got acquainted with the fact that my parents used to teach me. I cannot forget those ‘Words of Wisdom’ but things never were the same after I ran away. I was involved into misdeeds and I never had the guts to go back home. At the age of 22, I tried being a better person. Got a job at a local departmental store and worked there for 5 long years and had enough of the business sense learnt from the shop owner that I managed to open my own shop, selling dairy products. I am still into it and now I have opened two more. I consider myself successful but behind the success is hidden the rude fact that a year back I discovered my parent’s grave. I was shattered. Though I made a standing on my own but the virtues and values I have, are all that my parents brought me up with. The misdeeds that I committed was just a drift of my mind to the wrong direction and I made my way out of it as I had little bit of values left that my parents taught me in the 12 years of my life with them. I can never fill the vacuum that is created when I think that I was not there with them to support in the last days of their lives. My dad left for his heavenly abode 9 years back and mom just a year after. What if I could have returned back to them and made a good start with their blessings? I consider myself as a bad and shameless example to every child in this earth. I now support my children and expect them to do the same, when I grow old, just what my parents expected from me. I can understand their plight at this very moment when I am sitting, besides their grave, repenting. This is a humble request to all those who read this, “Never Let This Happen to You”. It’s easy to leave home in a fit of rage in your teenage but things might not look merrier, If you are adamant and don’t go back. You might experience the same. I feel like ending my life but responsibilities towards my family hold me back. I haven’t been a good son but want to be a good father.”

It’s sad and an eye opener to all teen runaway kids out there. There is nothing worst in life than to disregard your parents and leave them deserted. There might be situations when things don’t end up as you want them to but running away is always not the solution. There are better things that to run away and in the course of your action, become a drug addict or an alcoholic or get involved into crimes and ruin your life to the extent that you can’t be happy again and repent for the rest of your life. If in trouble seek e-help at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp or check out the hotline numbers at http://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp.



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