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Homeless Teens- Why do they Run Away?

Some questions bother us and often we fail to get the answer or it’s too late to act upon!! There are grave facts about runaway teens opting for the streets to be their place of dwelling. Why? Can we get into a conclusion? It’s serious, very serious and parents have got to play their part in bringing up their children in the right manner with full knowledge about present situations and hard realities about life especially for teenage kids. It’s important to know the real cause that lures your kid towards the street or a friend’s place with least hope of returning back. Does your teenager lad has an unsuitable companion or group of misleading friends? Is your teenage princess into some kind of trouble or addiction that keeps her away with the fear of getting noticed?

Statistics just show us the reality on how the situation needs to be taken into serious terms. About 1.5 million youth under 21 currently are living on the streets in this country, and it's estimated that 13 of those children loose their lives due to poor living conditions, lack of food and medical help or commit suicide due to assaults that they might face during their ordeal of leaving house or due to depressed state of mind. According to the Department of Health, 1 million teenagers or perhaps more of them run away from their home each year. This phenomena has resulted in 86 percentage of running away cases reported in relation to the youth of our nation between 14 to 17 years of age with increase in female teens getting abandoned more than teenage boys of the same age group.

What is the reason have we ever thought about it? Parents have to have the answer to it because it is high time to getting beside your teenager child and get into the very root of the cause of leaving house. Teenage is the age of aggressive minds trying to set affirm their foot into world of adulthood with everything almost new for them and with full of surprises. Death in the family, physical and mental torture by alcoholic parent, extremely busy lifestyle of parents keeps a teen out of the house and are more willing that kids remain out as they have no time to spend with their kid. The National Network of Runaway and Youth Services says that about 40 percent of homeless teens young people have parents who actually lock their children out of the house.

Most of them, who are lucky of not getting induced to running away and becoming victims to personal assault, sexual harassment, drugs, prostitution, violence, and even death, are those getting attention in family. Parents must have time for their kid who has grown up into a teen. If they suspect that their teenager kid is complaining and might run away, just make things easier for him or her to make them understand that it’s just not the way to deal with situation and running away can only add to more miseries in life.

A teenager who has decided to run away, must try and work things out with their parents or guardians. Every teenager should think for a while before running away. What if I get into something that is disgraceful or if I get assaulted or simply thrashed by street hooligans? What if I get lured up into antisocial acts or prostitution that will make the situation even worse for me and ruin my life forever? Remember, life is not a fairy tale and is not that good as you might think of it to be. The best thing would be to take advice. If you are scared of talking to your parents just get outside help from a responsible person, friend or a consultant who will be more than happy to help you in the most confidential manner. Parents, in turn must be supportive on the return of their homeless kid and devoting time can provide relief and a sense of security for the kid that someone is there. Seeking e-help is the next best option available or calling a consultant will do. Get e-help at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp or call at 1-800-621-4000 for further enquiries.



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