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Drug Addiction: It Can Ruin Lives

I have been writing articles to support teens to come out of the ills of life and my concern is for alcoholic teens and the drug abusers and this concern of mine, is growing day by day. As part of my job I look into social forums, read articles, blogs to learn more about teens in real trouble. By ‘ Real Trouble’ I mean a situation which is noticed when it is rather too late. Those who are addicted to drugs or abuse it drastically, should come in to terms that they are surely in real trouble to the extent of ruining their lives and making it even worse for others in family.  

On a recent look out on something as an eye opener I glanced into a forum discussion and it was an account of a friend of Kim (name changed) who died of Cocaine overdose. Isn’t it sad? He was just 25, what a waste of a precious life!! He could have lived for a better future!! Kim asks all those in addiction of some kind of substance or a killing drug to get out of it before it is too late to do something as a cure to it and “Don't put it off”, here ‘it’ stands for the willingness to get cured. The next great thing were the replies which were to my amazement very positive in nature by Teens between age group of 16 to 21. A Teen accepted the fact that no one is unshakable and must do a reality check. The members felt sorry for Kim and for the sad demise of his friend but took it quite positively to bring about a change in their lives and above all stop hiding facts below the cloud of lies. She commented, “It’s a wake up call” and was appreciated for this step by co-members of the forum group. One of those who replied, again a teenage girl came up to the conclusion that a drug that is consumed for fun is life ruining and no one realizes it. She considered that the death of the teenage friend of Kim could be a possible eye opener for others addicted to drugs.

Now have a look at this real life account of a teenager boy narrating the sad story of his life that brutally faces the aftermath of drug addiction and its effect on the teen and his mother and paying the price of belonging to a family of addicts. Here it goes, read it carefully:-

“My father smokes pot. My brother was a drug addict. He did every drug in the book. My sister also smoked pot as well. My dad has smoked pot for as long as I can remember. My dad was arrested for smoking pot and I was put in a foster home till my mom could pick me up. When I moved back with my dad 2 years ago we would always getting into a fight over him smoking pot. I mean I would bring friends over and the house would stink of just smoked pot. Well one night my dad came home and his eyes were bloodshot (from getting high). My brother has done heroin, weed, acid, cocaine, crack, crack cocaine, speed, meth, pcp, etc.... There are times in my life when my brother's drug use has hurt me and my family. I have read somewhere that Addiction affects the nervous system with severe neurological disorders with insensitive behavior and it showed in my brother as well. I remember when my brother made me climb up 2 flights of stairs when I had broken my wrist with my rollerblades on. I screamed for him to help but when he opened the door an saw me he just laughed and said I didn't need any help. My mom was put on Paxil to help her with the pain and stress. And I have been put in counseling to recuperate for the emotional and physical torture that I was going through. But nothing worse could have happened  than the fact that my sister lost custody of her child because of her marijuana use. My 3 year old niece was cut off from our family for a year because of my sister. My sister also had to give up her second daughter for adoption (who was 3 1/2 months premature). My sister ran off with this guy she met at the hospital. She moved to a little town where she started to drink heavily and smoke pot. So now our family has to deal with the pain of never knowing who her 2nd child is. But this isn't as bad as the fact that Mia will never know who we are. I just hope everyone reads this and thinks twice about doing drugs. If this story reaches out to one person then this fulfills it's purpose.”

Now when you have read this, it is evident that even a non-addict felt bad about it. It could be an eye-opener for a drug addict. Drug addiction can lead to a sorry situation and ruin lives of many. It’s sad that many consume drugs and make it an habit and arrive at a state of helplessness that compels them to have drugs in order to live as they can’t avoid having it. They need psychiatric analysis and help. An addict can do it, can come out of the addiction. The sister of this teen paid the price of being an addict of marijuana thereby loosing her first child’s custody and giving away her second premature baby for adoption. The family never knew who her second child was given to. This is what addiction can lead to and it’s high time for an drug addict ( it sounds so bad! ) to head over for rehabilitation and counseling.Get e-help at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.aspto come out for your miseries and leave the life of an addict.



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