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Drug Abuse- Teen Dependency on Drugs is Increasing

Teens work hard to get into friends circles and often imitate what their friends do without even knowing what is right for them.  Teenage is the stage of development of both body and mind and there can be a abrupt halt to it, through substance abuse. Statistics show an alarming increase of the number of kids who are into this addiction. Relatively alarming statistics shows that nearly 40% of U.S. teens are influenced and want to try drugs, any time later in their lives.
People especially teens are mere escapists who in order to get rid of persistent ongoing recurring problems, use drugs to the extent of abusing it not so much for the rush but to escape from their problems. It’s understood to be part of self treatment and a substitute for loneliness, low self-esteem, unhappy relationships, stress, and many other types of problems. It’s a misconception  that drug abuse can keep us away from hellish environments that teens consider them to be as what it does is aggravating situations and letting them occur again and again with no change whatsoever. Drug use can make things worse or create new ones. Drug abuse and addiction have a devastating impact on society costing billions of dollars each year. It is responsible for social detachment, moral degradation and economical crises for many in number. It is, therefore, increasing and ruining lives forever.
Drugs like Cocaine is highly addictive, and frequent usage can cause things to get worse keeping a person inclined towards the use of it and as a result, the drug, creates both physical and psychological desire to have one at the cost of lives that end miserably. Amphetamines are psychologically addictive drugs making a person psychologically dependent on this drug and playing a part to aggressive behavioral disorders.
The good news is that Rehabilitation can cure things. Treatment takes place in highly supervised environments in set schedules. There is highly administered psychiatric treatment and discontinuation of elicit substances or other drug to which a person is addicted to and out patient therapy that is recommended afterwards. You have to, however, stay secluded from family and friends in order to get a complete psychological cure from your ailment. It is necessary and as result of it what is often thought to be by the patients and their parents is that, heading over to rehabilitation centers leads to hellish and frightening experiences. But, on the contrary, patients are usually surprised to enter an environment that is accepting and quite adaptable to the extent of getting happy and a healthier life.  Living a solitary life in these centers is the next thing that comes in mind but that too is used for patients who do not co-operate with the medical superintendent or supervisor assigned with the job of looking after such patients. For more insights on possible cure of drug abuse get eHelp at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp or call at the USA Drug Abuse Hotline no 1-800-662-4357.


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