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Drug Abuse- An Obstacle to Teen Growth

Drug abuse among young teenagers is quite common leaving us to conclude as to how harmful it is for our teen’s hence putting teen lives into a stand still. Estimates show that larger proportions of deaths in people happen between the age groups of 15 and 24 reportedly caused by drug or alcohol abuse. Drug abuse is the act of consuming excessive unlicensed or unprescribed drugs due to depressed mental states, loneliness, problems with spouse, stress, insecurity, failure in other odd situations in life. It is basically a source that is often thought to be the one letting us out of problems that we face, it is a type of escapism but is it helping us really? No, that is a myth.  Some try it for fun just as there friends do without getting aware of the fact that Drug use is not for amusement, it creates problems that can only worsen conditions.


Drug abuse can ruin a teenager’s life by leaving them into pitiable conditions because of severe health problems and addiction. Drugs that are mostly consumed today to the extent of abusing are Cocaine, Marijuana, Anabolic steroids, inhalants and many more. Drugs that are swallowed or snorted can energize the nervous system and the body gets energetic for the time being but makes a person psychologically addictive and once stopped can disturb mental well being that compels re-intake of the drug. Cocaine injection and inhalations can create hallucinating effects. It affects the central nervous system and causes restlessness, sweating, heart problems and fluctuating blood pressure levels. Drug Inhalants can lead to impairment of sensory organs, bleeding of nose as these are abused substances to cause severe toxic reactions and infections and death. By far there are short term effects to it like depression along with the long terms like bacterial infections, infectious heart lining and rheumatologic defects.


Parents can keep a check on teen behaviors as there are observable warning signals. If your child fares badly in exams, remains detached from friends and family and has physical indications like red eyes, cough, and changes in eating and sleeping habits then it time for you to get suspicious and pay attention and find relevant solutions to it. Getting the best drug treatment for the teen in question is of paramount importance to those that care for him or her. And that is what is ought to be done, first hand, to help free your child from the clutches of drug abuse that leads to permanent growth disorders in teens who start drug intake at an adolescent age that can crush an individuals emotional, spiritual, and physical health, ruining every aspect of their life and a ripe future can end at an early teen age. For full support on this visit http://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp or call at 1-800-662-4357.



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