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Don’t Be An Alcoholic Like Me

It’s a life account of a teen that says it all about Alcohol that transforms a teenager into a hermit who resorts towards help as the time of his degradation, according to him has arrived and it is perhaps too late for him to act upon.

“I am an alcoholic, a person who seldom has his control over himself, who seldom is able to take his own decisions and very rare is he self dependent. I live like a recluse in my own house, hated and left isolated, for others in my family fear as to what I might do to them as my behavior is getting unpredictable. Alcohol is finishing me and creating a concave deep inside me, uprooting me totally. You don't get dependent on alcohol just like that. It often takes years and usually begins with drinking for the effect. It all started at my teenage when I was barely 15 when I was lured up by my friends to a nearest pub. We used to go once a week but then we were quite a regular there. I made it a habit to go there after my school as I hardly could stay without it. I am now desperate to get rid of it but it’s not leaving me anymore. As and when I do net surfing to gain information on alcohol dependence, I come across facts that I didn’t know earlier and situations similar to what I am into and even now I have a bottle inside my bag  at this particular moment when I am off to get a solution for my alcohol addiction and with the sole aim to escape out of it. I am writing it out for a help provider to read it and advice me to do something drastic that will end it all and give me new life. But perhaps it’s too late now or is it not? I really don’t know. In one of the articles there were questions that you can ask to yourself and it went like this- Three essentials that you can ask to yourself if you thing you are addicted:-

    • Is there a negative impact of the alcohol on my body and mind and on my everyday life?
    • Have I tried not to use it and face the temptation and resist it to some extent?
    • Does Alcohol intake really proves to be a comforting agent or is it aggravating bad situations into worse nightmares? In other words "do I drink because I have problems, or do I have problems because I drink?"
    • Am I feeling restless when I am not under alcohol influence?
If you answer a “Yes” then it is alcohol addiction that can ruin your entire well being transforming you into something unimaginable with nothing but a sad untimely death.

I came across certain other things like drinking for effect to come out of an ongoing tension, stress or just to change mood. I read somewhere that an increased amount of alcohol intake every now and then in order to change mood and relax can lead to addiction in the long run as the body gets used to alcohol, A person with alcohol addiction has physical problems, drastic cut off socially, failing in academics and financial set back. Then there are recurring black outs where a person becomes senseless due to excessive alcohol intake and unable to recollect things said or done under alcohol influence. This is natural with me now but giving a deep thinking to it I find it extremely difficult to cope especially on times when somebody needs my help and I am unable to gather strength from within to help out. I am help seeker myself.  It’s all about being in control and that is what is getting difficult for me. Rehabilitation can help me out and medical practitioners and psychologists know the treatment available for different cases of teen alcohol addiction and it is therefore a necessary requirement and above all a life saver for the teen to join one. I am trying and even you can if you are in the lookout for a better alcohol free life.”

Hope this account is of some worth to know the harsh reality that a teen is goes through   due to Alcohol addiction and how he is coping with the situation and making us aware of the questions to ask yourself and the helpful resources available online. http://www.teensupport.us has its e-Help section to help out troubled addicted teens. Do visit at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp. Read out more helpful articles at http://www.teensupport.us/more-articles.html.



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