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Do you get the Answers by Cutting Yourself?

Cutting for fun or to get answers to the problems that make you perturbed and disturbed and stressed out and you want to end it at one go. I can’t relate to the fact that how self harming can lead to pleasure. It is pure addiction. Teens are affected the most as they have to blend into adulthood that brings in with it anxiety, stress, emotional setbacks, depression etc. Normally these conditions are momentarily and people generally come out of it. A prolonged state indicates situation that can make a person suicidal. There are tendencies which are addictive in nature i.e. you get addicted and cut yourself quite often finding pleasure in doing it or just to grab attention. Teens are getting into these things out of the addiction they are into and some feel that it is probably the solution to their problems. But the sad part is that they don’t live to get the answers or land up in a sorry state with more questions in place of the answers. Why I did it? How will I face my family and friends? What should I do now? Will someone help me out with this? And above all where do I stand now? These are the questions that crop up while a Teen is recuperating?

Cutting has become a disturbing trend among teens today, merely to come out of the pain. Is it the only way out? There are forums that talk about it with great concern. “This is a sad but very real problem.” “Young girls talk about cutting and it’s no big deal for them”. “Cutting for me is as usual it’s habitual”. “I am a school Teacher and I know about kids who cut.” These are the gist of what you will probably come across in forums that help teen with suicidal tendencies. The problem actually starts when things are taken rather too lightly. A reply to an article read like this “Ignoring won’t help. I have problems and I need help but I am not been heard or what I say is soon forgotten so I cut to gain attention”. This is a common phenomenon and things take a sad turn when teens are unable to cope with situations. Why? I need the answer. Teens are often heard saying, “I have problems but nobody bothers so I cut myself to get attention. It’s something that needs to be done”.

There is something more to be read regarding this issue when teens relate to themselves quite often over the net, bringing out instances that let them thing the other way round to follow the road to healing. The one I came across was about a young teenage girl narrating episode of her life that has gone past when she used to cut herself to the extent that she was hospitalized. “I started cutting when I was 12, it made me feel better. I had known a boy of my age for a long time but one day he ditched me. I was heart broken and this made me make the first incision near my veins but the cut wasn’t so deep and I went on and one day my veins popped out and I was almost dead if my neighbor wouldn’t have helped me. Lying on the hospital bed I thought about what the neighbor would do now? He knows the harsh reality of my life and would he hate me for what I did or will he pity me? How will I confront my family? I recuperated soon but cutting started again. I was addicted to it. I couldn’t stay a single day without it. My mom resorted for help at a rehabilitate center and it took 4 long months for me to recover. Hell lot of precious moments of my life was wasted and that is what I think now when I look back. I am a better person now and my mom’s decision for the ultimate cure had made me what I am now. This taught me one thing that cutting isn’t the answer.”   

This makes us feel that suicidal attempts are undesirable and one should resist getting addicted to it. You won’t get the answers by cutting yourself. If in trouble get E-help at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp or call at1-800-SUICIDE.




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