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Depression and Stress Aggravates Suicidal Feelings- Fight Them Out of Your Life

Depression and growing stress levels is directly related to teens and these are the principal causes for suicidal activities to happen and in the most distressing manner. In my attempt to find out the real cause that I have thereafter incorporated in this article, to provide the best help possible for teens of all ages, I zeroed upon one notion, that depression and enormous stress levels intensify suicidal feelings. Real instances of how teens fight out depression and growing stress can inspire troubled teens to fight out these ills of life that compels a teen to get suicidal.

Let’s talk about ‘Stress’ at first. As I go through social forums I am amazed on how teens recuperate from growing stress levels to a better state of mind that is healthy and with teenage vigor. They think like grown ups. There are times we experience stress and anger, some get out of it but others feel it for days and days to come. The wise thing is not to prolong the state of being stressed out and don’t give up. With relevance to it, I read this somewhere, “The only good thing about giving up is the making up we do afterwards.” In a recent forum discussion, I came across positivity flowing out of teenage viewpoints. “Put yourself in something that soothes you” as advised by one of members in the discussion. Go your own ways of enjoying life, listen to music, write out your feelings and talk it out with friends. “I get stressed out a lot, since I have miscellaneous things to do. But I usually try to tackle what is stressing me out, finishing given tasks or at least completing half of it that makes me feel relaxed. I also like writing my feelings down, not a whole thesis of it but little random paragraphs when I feel stressed.”, said by a Teen dealing with stress. “I pray when I feel stressed and then things work out for me”, wrote another one of them. Some use religion for the sake of feeling less stressed out. Praying, meditation or a spiritual advice can do wonders. One more positive reply to this social forum makes an urge to go creative. It goes like this, “I often find out people taking on the creative line like painting, writing, music, dance etc or any sport that they like or join classes or a course of some sort. Socializing can act as a balm too as I do it a lot.”

The next important that is killing is ‘Depression’. Teenagers get affected to greater extent aggravating suicidal feelings and gradual attempts of cutting and ending life.  Suicide is the third leading cause of death among American adolescents. It is observed from people who are recommended treatment that a psychological disorder, especially depression and bipolar disorder is engulfing teenage minds to let suicides to be committed by them. Approximately 95% of people who die by suicide have a psychological disorder such as depression, at the time of death. Not only can depression lead to suicide, it can compel a teenager to run away and adopt other habits like drug intake and alcoholism. Related to this, I have something to share, about a teenager who narrates episodes of her life. There are things relevant to “What depression can do to your self, letting you harm others or rather having a pent up feeling of that sort and making you self-destructive and suicidal. This story is worth reflecting upon and find out something as a positive healer to combat depression and suicidal feelings to a certain level.

Read it through and you will surely ponder upon it later. It goes like this:-

“Depression was killing me and I know when it did started. I had a fight with one my classmates and it was horrible. It prolonged for many years and there were severe altercations with that classmate of mine and not just one day but consecutive days. I was getting tired of it and depressed. I was getting aggressive as result of it, leading a secluded life as I hated company. My friends tried to help me (that is what I feel now), I took it as pity and showed arrogance. I was then left alone with my depression. I cried a lot and I couldn’t remember when I laughed before. I had wrong criminal feelings even towards my family members. I felt negative all throughout and nothing was happening. My friends were not with me and I thought, it ended there. I wanted to die and I cut myself with a kitchen knife but it didn’t penetrated deep within to cut my veins or I didn’t had enough power and guts to do that. Depression showed in my grades. I was not fairing well and I broke up one day and allowed my feelings to pour out. I told about all, to my Mother and she suggested consultation and psychiatric help but I didn’t wanted to do that, I thought of running away or else my mother will insist upon consultation. But then something clicked in me and I started to go deep within on recent occurrences in my life. I asked myself, Why my friends reacted that way? I called up an old friend (the one among the group that left me), I controlled not to get angry if she hangs up or speaks rudely to me but contrary to what I felt, we conversed for half an hour or so, I told her every bit in my heart. This friend convinced me and I knew they were eager to help me but didn’t do it as I became impossible and not at all open to them. May be I was loosing trust, she told me. We were friends and continued to be, the moment, we hang up. I reunited with them again and reassured my mother, that I was alright. My depression was leaving my mind but at times I do feel depressed but doesn’t let it dominate me. I read good books, listen to cheerful music and spend time with friends and they too cheer me up and I love them to be with me, always. Life is good for me now.”

Isn’t it encouraging? I mean, the latter part of it when the kid fought it out to combat depression? This clearly indicates that talking and sharing problems in life are therefore regarded as self-medication and there is nothing impossible in life and there is nothing as such to get suicidal about. Even the word impossible has the word possible in it and says ‘I’ ‘m’ ‘possible’. Just make an effort to get a cure, if stressed or depressed. Hence I would conclude off by a quote which says “I can reach the gold if I don't self-destruct.”
More info for a possible cure is attainable at http://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp. In case you are suicidal seek help and call at 1-800-SUICIDE.



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