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Depression- Adversely Affecting Teen Minds to Become Suicidal

Depression is killing. It generates the overpowering inclination to get suicidal. Real instances can prove me right in this regard. Read on, to reflect upon to what is given below:-
“I've been on and off depressed my entire life but the past few months have been atrocious. I lost my job in the middle of April and have barely tried to find a new one since. I jerked around in college and got crap degree so I convince myself I can't find another job and don't even try. I look into going back to school but my sub-mediocre BS and GPA mean I'll have to work for probably 3 years to get anything accomplished. I'm 24 already and feel like I can't put my life on hold for another 3 years. I hate myself for not doing a thing as days go by. I hate myself for so many reasons. It's like my worst dream come true but I never wake up from it. Since two months I am feeling suicidal but don’t have the guts to do that, to truly kill myself.”
This was what I read in one of this forum and the replies to it were comforting. They read like this, “Sorry to hear your finding yourself where you don't want to be at the moment. You say that you have been depressed all your life...have you ever for been treated for depression? It is sad to hear from you, of your 24 years struggle against your own life. I bet that you need a drastic change, may be you could devote those 3 more years to attain the remaining degrees to be achieved and you already have one which can provide you with some relief. My advice to you is pull yourself out of this, what you could do is to go and have a chat with your doctor in the first instance, you may need some therapy or medication to get you motivated again. What ever you need...apart from diet, sleep and exercise the good doctor will be sure to have some clever ideas and don’t ever think off being suicidal. It is an offence, a life long torture for your family and a sin in the eyes of the Almighty.”
The next one went like this, “I know you look around and see people your age into careers and making more money than you, it is important for you to feel of you being one of some worth, that your life is worthy and that you do what other’s in your age group do. I graduated college with a 2.4, because I did way too partying and socializing, but I am going back to school to get a second B.S. and if I can change my life, anyone can.”
It is therefore essential to give a fresh start and fight depression out of your life. Depression is also biological. Recently I went through a social forum and I read about depression and suicidal attempts being biological and not something to feel guilty about. One of the members stated, “I just recently read an article (in the Reader's Digest, I believe) that said that autopsies done on suicide victims and had shown clear differences in certain areas of the brains of those who have committed suicides compared to others who died of natural causes.”
There were instances when I came across things like a 15 year old living with a depressed state of mind because of the suicides committed in the family. He becomes a depressed lad and his mother worries about his condition. To this post in an active forum she got replies like, “Does he know that part of the people who loved him and left him, lives on in him? That he can take what gifts they gave him and use them to make himself better and make life better in some way?”
Another reply read like this- “No need to answer unless you feel like it. I am writing what I am wondering, and want your son to make it through the sense of loss. After that, he will be able to use his knowledge about loss, to help shape his life. Oh, my. I hope someone somewhere can ease the pain for both of you.”
There is time only if we can use it wisely. Anyone can make a head start, reflect upon it and act fast. If depressed, seek help, don’t get suicidal. Need to know more? Call the helpline at 1-800-SUICIDE. Visit: http://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp


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