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Depression- Principal Cause for Teen Suicides

Depression is commonly defined as a type of mental disorder that affects a person’s mood. It can adversely affect the thoughts, behavior and psyche of a person thereby creating a psychological imbalance. It is natural for a person to get sad at times but depression is a certain sort of ongoing sadness which leads to failures in life and inability to fulfill tasks that were otherwise done on time. With severe depression coming to its maturity it brings to a halt, the possibility of a good outcome and makes a person become hopeless and miserable with no solution in mind to come out of it.


Teenagers get prone to it more often as behavioral changes are evident during this time and mind is in the process of maturing to its fullest. Teenage is considered to be a life of excitement and anxieties as well. There is pressure on the young minds to do well academically, have a social standing, build up identity and to act responsibly. The inability to cope up with situations like these can lead to depression. Teens may withdraw from family, friends, and activities and spend a lot of time confined in their rooms. They are low in self-esteem and anger and aggression is common that even leads to unintentional teen crimes. A depressed teen can get aggressive when criticized or even when praised for some thing. A teen depression finds it extremely difficult to overcome a problem and suicide is the next thing that is likely to happen. A prolonged depressed mind can find suicide to be solution to end it from its root but is it a right thing to do? To end a precious life full of dreams, aspirations and opportunities to achieve the unachievable? It’s high time for us and there is definitely a need for us to indentify symptoms relating to depression leading to suicides.


Statistics reveal that Adolescents are among the majority of people who commit suicide and it is growing in its occurrence. Which once accounted for 5% of suicides among adolescents and adults between the age group of  15–24, now account for 13% of it. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among American adolescents. It is observed from people who are recommended treatment, that a psychological disorder, especially depression and bipolar disorder is engulfing the mind of these people to let suicides to be committed by them. Approximately 95% of people who die by suicide have a psychological disorder at the time of death.


Psychotherapy and medication can cure depression but the treatment and its benefit depend on individual efforts and the will power to get a possible remedy to lead a happy cheerful life without having to end it. The next thing to go for is to try herbal supplements that are a blend of specific herbs to cure mood disorders and help in healing psychological imbalances. There are more alternatives other than these that a psychologist or a therapist can recommend after  thorough consultation. Help is also attainable at 1-800-SUICIDE. For further help visit ehelp at http://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp.



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