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Criminal Tendencies in Teens- They Get Lured by Overpowering Gangs
It is a mere influence that makes a Teen commit crimes as a result of coming out of a sorry state or they are simply lured by a bigger force out there so as to prove themselves daring. Looking into true life accounts there are cases when a Teen was found guilty for shooting on an on-duty police officer just to prove that he has the courage of shooting at a cop and no one in the earth can overpower him. This was done at the persistence or challenge from a bigger criminal group or gang. Some teens develop criminal tendencies just to drive more attention of which they are deprived off. It can be stated at this point that the teen did it intentionally out of a fantasy or making it look as if it is child’s play without knowing the adverse effect, it might cause ruining a young life.
Young teen minds get into bad company that is making them do criminal activities. Another episode says about the gangs of criminals who were responsible for Chris (name changed) to become a criminal accused of committing numerous crimes of getting out and doing robberies, rape and kidnapping for ransoms. He was then caught and sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment.
Why does it happen? What is the root cause of it? Have you tried to assess the situations causing it? Some teenage violence is done because the teens are raised out of poor parenting or deprived of parenting. Some become victims of criminal gangs who make teens a part of them to deal with illegal operations such as drug selling. Parents have to stay vigil to take a note to the group their child is hanging out with and whether there is a situation of the child getting involved with the wrong crowd or unfortunately to a criminal group. There are other times when single parents try raising their kids but as they are working, children are brought up in day care centers, friends or neighbors house or just to stay at home with more of the television and internet ruling their lives. It is estimated that in this new millennium, children seem to be getting less nurturing and support from within their family that leads to making them rebellious and criminal as an after effect of it.
The matter of teens committing crimes was taken to the senate in the year 1994 and a bill was passed to curb teen crimes as it was considered a matter of great attention. It is time now to end it at its grass root level by mitigating the emerging criminal groups luring young minds into their filthy game. It is they who should be subjected to criminal activities. Avoid ill- minded friends with a combination of bad parenting environment or parental negligence with harshness, poverty, alcoholism or abuse that give rise to criminal activities. Teen criminal tendencies tend to be reason of their early neurological impairment or difficult temperament that make them even more difficult to come out of it to lead a happy life to build up a successful career and more importantly get help in becoming a person with right values and concern for others. If in need of assistance, get help through the hotline numbers by a visit at http://www.teensupport.us/Advice.asp#ak to consult on phone or get e-help at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp.


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