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Coping with Suicidal Feelings

It is sad for Teens to get suicidal in moments when their pain exceeds pain-coping resources and being suicidal is often what is thought to be the way out. Is it right? Or morally incorrect? As a writer, I go through many resources and facts that make me aware of changing scenarios and in my effort to help teens I go through issues effecting teens that make them suicidal and one thing of which I am sure of, is that suicide is neither wrong nor right; it is not a defect of character; it is a one moment stand, it can be mere foolishness or a desperate act. It is simply an imbalance of pain versus coping resources. When you feel the pain and you don’t have coping resources or find it rather scarce, you feel like ending your life. The solution is to reduce the pain and increase your coping resources.

I came across real life issues of Teens coping with suicidal feelings and in situations where their coping resources end at times and teens resort to life threatening acts. Lack of support from family and friends can make things worse for them.

“I m thirteen years old and its was in my Junior year in school when I was bullied for being overweight. I Started hating myself, never liked myself in the dress I was in as compliments came rare to me. My family of four including me was a not a happier one. My sister was more presentable than me and I was often regarded inferior. I don’t know but I felt that way. I started cutting myself and bore marks on my arms and even took an overdose of sleeping pills and landed up in Hospital but was cured. This made things difficult for me. I had to face the aftermath of it and one day I felt I am addicted to suicide as I started cutting again. I am unable to cope with this disheartening feeling  and no body needed me or desired my company. I have no friends, no loving parents and a sister who regards herself superior than me. I am tired of the comparisons made and I can’t stop cutting. I am addicted.”

I was shocked from this revelation. Getting addicted to suicidal feelings is something that is coming to me as a real horrifying surprise. Overweight people have to go through bullying and are often compared with others for their appearance but is it that serious that it requires you to end your life? However, even petty issues can take a serious turn. This thirteen year old teen was left alone to handle things on her own. She had lost all hope from family and friends and this I think what was haunting her and making her addictive to suicidal feelings. It was like she wanted to live but circumstance compelled her to end her life. A little support can save her life.

Doctors and clinical psychiatrists feel it that way too that when someone feels like their pain exceeds their resources and their ability to cope, suicide begins to seem like the only option and it gets addictive. They talk about levels of depression as well and is directly related to suicidal feelings or thoughts. Levels of depression depend on the individual and a severe state of depression for a prolonged period of time can make a person suicidal. Sad mood for an extended period of time, hopelessness, lack of energy, stress and no pleasure in likeable activities are symptoms of depression and a possible cure to fight out these, is needed. More productive ways they suggest is to make yourself believe, that depression and  the suicidal feelings arising out of it, are curable. Diagnosis of physical factors from a physician and then proceeding to the mental state diagnosis from a psychiatrist can make a break through and help in getting over from suicidal feelings. County mental health clinics and medical school psychiatric department provide help in this but you will have to be honest with them. Doctors also mention about having a support systems like family, friends, teachers or a helpful neighbor because isolation is not good for a person with suicidal feelings and it is a matter of concern that constant act of cutting can lead to that one drastic step of committing suicide one day and ending life. Doctors also suggest that one possible way to combat suicidal thoughts is giving yourself time of at least 24 hours before acting upon something like cutting or drug overdose and talking with someone who can help or maybe contacting a hotline like the one we have at Teensupport.us, the site you are visiting at this moment.

I you are feeling suicidal PLEASE WAIT! and call at 1-800-SUICIDE or get e-help at: http://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp



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