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Alcoholism- Teens Getting Influenced

Are you giving the killer access to your home? I am writing this with relevance to the alcohol bottles kept in the stylish bars. Parents of young teens aspiring to learn more from what is new to them who enter into adulthood find it to be modern to bring in the bottles in front of their teenage boys or girls. But how often they think that these highly abusive materials can climb in like harmful weeds into the young lives of the teenagers. There are many causes for drinking alcohol and drinking becomes a habit among teens from situations that lure teenagers to get into alcoholism. Some people have developed a habit of drinking alcohol before dinner every day; others use alcohol as a method to get rid of their stress. For teenagers, its time to adapt with adulthood and so they attempt to do it often to get influenced, the wrong way. They don’t know risks of the alcohol, they tend to turn to alcohol to relieve uncomfortable feelings or just to show that they are adults now. In our society, they rarely realize alcoholism is a serious disease because there are many adults, especially their parents, who drink alcohol around teenagers.

In my experience as a writer I went through resources that give me the answer. I know teens can be taken over by it very quickly. It is given that “A third of the teens surveyed also do not understand the intoxicating effects”. Social events influence young minds and this is how influence plays its game. The paragraph below says it all:-

“There was a time when my daughter used to hate public events with a passion. She used to say,” I hate those boring, showy and hypocritical people. I love to be in my boarding school.” Then came the day when she just tried a peg with her friends until her only good friend betrayed my trust by luring my daughter into the darkness of addiction just when I thought she was going to take good care of her much better in the boarding than I could have ever thought of doing. May be I relied a lot on her, neglecting my responsibilities. In the course of events, of my efforts to bring my daughter out of alcoholism, when she was merely 14 years of age when she used to steal drinks and a regular at weekends and what is even worse is that friend of hers graduated while my daughter was left nowhere to go, to end up being a cynic and girl who takes liberty in abundance when drinking is concerned. I am now sensing that something horrible and traumatic is about to happen.  I need help but can anyone help me get a help.”

You realize when it is too late to do anything, then why not try earlier. The one thing you learn early on is that you are powerless over the life and actions of the alcoholic or addict then why wait to get her into addiction? It is the hardest thing to accept. I do not know if even now the mother of the alcoholic daughter has fully accepted the traumatic situation in which her daughter presently is. It is difficult to come into terms. The only way she will quit is if she is willing to. It is for the friends and families of alcoholics to understand alcoholism from its grass root level. It is to get help from a friendly source such as a rehab or going into meeting for support from other people than are in your same situation and learn how to deal with all the feelings and pains that come with dealing with an alcoholic that you love. I really wish the mother and her daughter all the best with the hope that things work out.

There is time only if we can use it wisely and get influenced for our good and not for a gradual downfall.

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