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Admit That You Need Help and You will be Saved

“She ruined her happily married life, lost her unborn child and addiction did not give her the time to repent.” Harmful drugs were her companion and she never used to go out without one of them…………….”

Above is a gist of what I am about to share. It is important for all you teens and their well wishers visiting this online support to know about the adverse effects of drug abuse. It teaches a lesson to all those who are badly abusing drugs and getting in the habit of consuming large doses to remain happy. At least that is what they think.

Was it purposeful or unintentional? Was it right for her to be addicted at the cost of losing her husband and child?

These are the question that will crop up your mind as you read the real life account narrated below:-

But read through what is stated below to check whether drug abuse leads to happiness or unmitigated grief for the rest of the life.

“I used to abuse drugs to such a limit that I keep crying for what I lost due to it, up till now, when I have nothing left but repentence. Drugs became my best friend when I was a teen and going overdose on a particular drug was the usual scenario. I kept it regular, until one day Dad forced me to take a break from the ongoing drug abuse. I lived as a normal then and was married to an Army man. I considered myself a free bird and I kept feeding the demon inside me by small doses. My husband used to stay out quite often and I increased the quantity of intake. One day I did it only to wake up in the e.r. My husband was called by neighbors who then attended to me. I raged when it was diagnosed as intentional overdose and much to my anxiety my husband was shocked. In the following month I went into heights in being hysteric and I was shooting up. I did it numerous times along with overdosing. I soon broke up with my husband as things went intolerable. My drug abuse went on until next year when things went worse. I was homesick and went to my moms place. I was expecting and was on constant watch that I don’t start with drugs all over again. I was at a dilemma and wanted to focus on me and my unborn baby but couldn’t resist the urge to go with drugs once again. A little over 2 weeks of being at moms as I was thinking of starting of again, I miscarried. I was angry, hurt, felt letdown and I was beginning to rage inside and this was when I realized I needed help. I just admitted I had a problem! I have had lost everything and don’t want to loose my parents. I told my dad and went on with a rehab program to live as a normal happy person. After a successful rehabilitation program I started taking time to focus on me. I started meeting people and venturing out. I started to live again. Though grief was my companion but I learnt one thing in life. “You keep longing for things that amuse you; even drugs can do it for you and make you happy for the time being but with a condition that the consequences can make you repent for the rest of your life.” 

Just trust people close to you, talk to them and admit that you abuse drugs, are addicted to it and you can be saved before it’s too late to expect things back to normal. It is therefore worth a try. Seek help as there is nothing to be ashamed about. It is a sickness for which you are asking for a cure. Get help right here, call at the USA Drug Abuse Hotline at 1-800-662-4357 or go for e-help at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp.



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