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A Runaway Life: Bitter Reality Disclosed

You cannot lock them in nor can you let them go because if they go life won’t be the same for you and your teenager. The facts are alarmingly grave and warning signal desperately calls for help and something is to be done in this regard. Runaway incidents are common in United States and a serious problem that needs to be tackled intelligently to let teens think more responsibly and understand the gruesome reality and facts of runaway lives that fears assault, prostitution, illness and suicide. It is obvious that, for a day’s survival, teens, without any sort of help from friends live on streets and turn to crime, substance abuse and prostitution. Approximately 1.5 million U.S. youth run away or are sent away from home yearly, 68% are between the ages of 15-17, 35% had run away before. Every year approximately 5000 runaways and homeless youth die out of illness or assault at the street. An impersonal tale of a runaway life is about to be told as we proceed further in reading this article and how a life changed after the runaway experience.
Now read further and you will come to know and be aware of ‘A Runaway Life’ that landed up a teen in trouble.
“I have been in that position and know what a runaway life is and that I have wasted 5 Long years doing nothing but calling for the troubles only to return back home. I now live with the feeling that I have betrayed my family and let them down. It’s a strange feeling after coming out of the runaway life like the one I led, that you don't belong to the family anymore or that you are different. It has to be hard on my mother as well who I thought was less concerned at the time I left. I had lost my Dad when I was a runaway and I can’t stop blaming myself for it. He died and I was not there to see his last glimpse.  What have I done!! I feel now. I thought running away wouldn't be so bad. I could learn what real life is and I have learnt a lot about the obstacles of a harsh life with harsh people with greedy eyes ready to ravish me out of my virginity. It isn't that easy. I went into the streets in search of freedom but my safety was the next big issue when I was out. It’s a mistaken assumption that running is exciting adventure but it’s neither glamorous, exciting nor something to try for fun. I met diverse people with a minority of them willing to help selflessly. Some might help you in return of money and some just wanted me to prostitute and then they would help me. There were times when I was trapped in dangerous situations that was life threatening and in circumstances beyond my control. I needed money I sold drugs for it and had to runaway hiding myself from the cops. It was a quick decision that I made but a wrong decision of my life that made me loose my father. It’s becomes even more difficult when you resort to run away and get wounded or sick which is quite certain when you are living on streets under unhygienic conditions without proper shelter. Under such circumstances health care option are scarce unless you have money with you to spend on your treatment after keeping some for the day’s meal which is of higher priority. It’s quite a task to decide on the day’s meal as it was a day to day affair while living on streets. This was something that I wanted to share and now, when I look back I have this question at the back of my mind that since life on the streets involves hardships that the average teenager never has to face otherwise then why do so many teens choose to run away from home each year? I read this somewhere, “As much as you would like to build a wall around them, it is their choice whether or not to walk out of the door. The phrase I use, ‘There are no bars on these windows, and the doors only lock people out.’ This is harsh, and I know it, but it is also very much the truth. Parents are the safety net, a tool box, and an emotional punching bag, but cannot be a chain that bounds your kid. I would never want them to ever leave. There is nothing that they can do to ever make me want them to go it is my belief and my teens know this because I tell them verbally.” I think communicating would help. Talking is the healing solutions to the complexities of the mind and the conflict created out of non agreement between teens and their parents, misunderstandings and failures that cause situation to get worse and relationships ever the more bitter. Whether it is about the inability to cope up with the development process in a teenage life or from the expectation arousing out from the teen, or a failed relationship with the person you love, talk it out with your parents and guardians. The next best solution is counseling which in my situation would have been a huge help. Now when I look back my past life and reflect, this very question arouses in my mind that, What If I would have accepted counseling back then?”
There are organizations and rehabs that exist to heal conflicting minds, they come out to help and sort things out in the most confidential manner and are even ready to intervene in personal issues after prior consent from the teens and their families to bring out alternatives that might work things out. They teach teens and make them aware of the dangers waiting to grip runaway lives. As a result of the efforts of the rehabs many kids do change their minds about running away once they realize there are alternatives such as family counseling and foster care. Support and encouragement can build up healthy relationships and therefore it is less likely to lose teens into the concrete jungle out there. E-help can be supportive as well. Seek e-help at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp or the USA Runaway Hotline can be reached at 1-800-621-4000.


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