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Teen Alcoholism: The Effects
Alcohol dependence is increasing day by day and more in young teenagers who are getting addicted to it. As alcohol has the power to enter into mind and body simultaneously it can make your body susceptible to alcohol and make you dependent on it all the time. The mind is equally affected letting you go aggressive in petty issues. A mare intake of alcohol for fun or to change in the mood can lead to alcohol addiction. Adults can at times try and bring a close to it as they are aware of the consequences but teens often fail to understand the effects of alcoholism on social well being, mental state and its effect on health. It is estimated that about 8 million of American teens consume alcohol every week to come out of tensions and stress. In this a majority of the teens go for binge drinking. Based on a survey done it is seen that 40 percent of students of the tenth grade consumed alcohol on many occasions.
Effects of alcohol addiction or alcoholism can be grave if not controlled at the correct time before situations get worse. It can strain relationship with family and friends, losing social contacts, failure in school co-curricular activities and in academics as well. This can further lead to the feeling of shame or guilt that can aggravate chances of teen suicides as well. Itís therefore important to be aware of the fact that problems at work or school, or financial problems are all by-products of teen alcohol dependence. Teen alcoholism can lead to teen crimes and suicides as these are co-related. Alcohol intake can make you loose your self control at times and a minor brawl can take shape of teen crime like murders and road mishaps committed both intentionally and unintentionally. Teen alcohol use also plays a major role in other teen crimes such as theft and assaults making them loose their dignity and social standing.
Teens are more perceptible to neurological disorders because the brain gets developed by the age group of 16 or 17 and is fully matured by 21 and as alcohol intake in adolescents start at this age it can gradually stop mental growth leaving impaired underdeveloped brain cells. Alcoholism can make a person less resistant to the impulse to drink and there can be physical problems pertaining to it like getting symptoms of withdrawal thereby making it a habit to drink to curtail withdrawal symptoms like shiver, sweat and restlessness. Teens can get affected with loss of memory, weight loss, liver disorders, liver cirrhosis, internal bleeding in stomach due to gastritis that are incurable along with permanent brain damage in intense cases. Heavy drinking can even cause diseases like liver cancer and cancer in the intestines. Keeping in mind the effects that are known to us by now, it is essential to attain help on teen alcoholism before itís too late for us. You can visit http://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp for assistance on teen alcoholism.


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