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Is your Teen In a Gang?
A possible question for a parent of a teen of which he or she, as a responsible parent, might be concerned about, something which is in news and every house with a teen must pay heed to it for it overcasts a teen’s life towards destruction. It is the Gang involvement of a teen that is been referred here. Often coming as comments in forums or just another statement of grudge against the gangs overflowing largely with something as ‘bunch of mindless arrogant insolent people’, ‘gangs that bash’, ‘gangs are the rotten lot of our society’ and more adding to the resentment of people to banish gangs. Some offer solutions “I think gangs need a rehabilitation of some sort to a more educative, reasonable world with no racism following them” or some simply are ready to “bomb the shit out”. The next better option is avoiding them “We don’t know what these kids go through and yes I know that whatever they may go through the answer is not to run around in gangs stabbing people, not to mention a low level of education.”
Based on prior confirmation teen gangs account for serious violence and crimes in the United States with the 2005 incident of a star athlete gunned down to death of not joining an operative gang in his locality and obviously after reading it, these gangs are not shy about recruiting teens. The number of youth gangs throughout the U.S. tops 24,500, and the number of teens and young adults involved in gang activity is higher than 772,500 . If your teenager is involved with a gang, chances are that he or she is involved in teen violence too. Taking into serious attention is Denver as an example, it was found that even though only 14 percent of teens are in gangs some willingly and the others forced, these teens are responsible for 89 percent of violent crimes. Teen violence is quite prevalent with involvement in gangs. The average age is ascertained to that between 15-17 with the 18 year olds and shockingly enough, females joining in too.
Identify the signs; these can save your teen from his or her gradual downfall towards the wilderness because of violent actions encouraged by gangs, ruining their lives forever. Parents can check out for the alarming signs, keeping an eye over a teen’s lifestyle. Do they have a new friend circle? Who are they? Try meeting few of them and their families to make sure of their family background and their conduct as a whole. Teen’s absence from the house for a long period after school or college should make a parent think and try and contact his or her teen for whereabouts. If your teen is getting argumentative day by day, difficult to deal with, losing interest in school with falling grades, is into any kind of influence of drugs or is keeping expensive items with him, using nicknames, defining tattoos with a particular logo or following a certain group activity, then it’s high time, you keep a watch. Adamant in wearing or not wearing a specific color and above all, insolent or repulsive behavior, can be signs of gang interference in a teen’s life. Suspecting any of these, finding out and saving teens from gang involvement can be the possible solution. Local police department can give a helping hand in letting you know about the operative gangs and their member information.
Indentify the signs or else face the consequences for which you would be sorry for of not acting on time. In a reaction to one of the notorious crime of an athlete gunned down by a gang leader an anxious mother speaks it out “This story is so sad! What a loss of a precious life. What is this world coming to! I am scared to send my 4 year old daughter to school sometimes. She is not in school yet but next year on August 7th, she starts kindergarten! These gangs can go to any level of harming my 4 year old too and even me, who knows.”
And not just the boys that form a gang, girls have their contribution to it with teen girl gangs operative in Vancouver to viciously swarm up, beat a man partying out with friends. “Between 2:30 and 3 a.m., a group of three or more girls, between the ages of 16 and 18, attacked Wesley Tommy Jack drinking and partying in Strathcona Park with 12 of his friends. In the ongoing, brawl; he was bashed and battered with his face swollen and shirt ripped. With most of his friends running away and losing sight of him, Tommy was left unconscious and missing $180 in cash and all of his jewelry.”
“Last week, a 12-year-old and two 13-year-old girls were arrested and charged in connection with an assault on a 13-year-old girl earlier this month near a park at Pandora and Nanaimo streets.”

Factors contributing to gang affiliation can therefore be curbed by keeping constant watch on teen activities as anything and everything under gang influence can land him or her to danger. ‘Stop them to follow the gang culture’. More advice and e-help attainable at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp



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