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Teen Crimes
The world’s changing, making advancements in all spheres with more and more opportunities waiting for us but what happens when it has to deal with growing criminal activities and that too among teens? We have access to incredible technology but what about our society that is giving birth to criminal elements. The level of crime that we face is lower than it has been in 30 years but its rising; crime rates are still too high. We will have to identify the causes leading to teen crimes and try finding a solution to if not end but stop it to some extent. Teenagers of today are prone to many ills like alcoholism and drugs creating situations for crime to be committed whether intentionally or accidentally.
• Teens are Victims of Miscommunication: Lack of communication and awareness can provoke our youth to undertake criminal acts. It’s their unawareness that seems to lend themselves to dangerous, criminal situations. Inexperience and fear keep teenagers from reporting crime, and unreported crimes often lead to cycles of revenge and further victimization.
• Alcoholism: Alcohol intake can lead to crimes. We frequently hear about people getting run over by speeding vehicles and a good percentage of accidents happen due to rash driving by Teens who get drunk and then have the guts to be on the wheels.
• Drug Addiction: Addiction to drugs can create similar situations as those mentioned above and is the biggest curse to society today. A gradual stop to drugs consumption can eventually stop teen crimes.
• Family Background: Often upbringing plays its part in building up a teen’s future. Family background and parent’s attitude towards life can bring about a change. Many observations and studies reveal that some teenagers live in situations where violence and crime are ordinary occurrences, especially in the lower strata of society where parents get indulged in violent acts like beating and trashing that even ends up in killings and which in turn effects their teenage children compelling them to spend more time outside and hence developing vicious criminal tendencies due to hatred towards their family and the society as well.
• Education: We will have to educate ourselves to be able to differentiate to what is right or wrong. Knowing facts about crime, understanding the law, getting aware of the consequences that it can lead to and the risk factors can help us prevent it to some extent. Discouraging crime at the lowest level can stop the cycle before it escalates into rape or homicide.
• Avoid Situation Leading to Crimes: A teenager can try to avoid situation leading to crimes. It has been noted that due to momentary aggregation teens might get involved in crimes that they don’t intend to commit. A majority of them feel guilty to the criminal activities committed. A teenage mind is curious and can get lured up by criminal groups or other anti social elements that exploit young teenage minds to the extent of spoiling there bright future. Avoiding situations like these by communicating and getting adequate just advice is what is required to help teenagers to come out of bad company with criminal tendencies.

• Parents can help: It is noted that family backgrounds have a got a role to play in building up a child’s future. They can keep a watch on kid’s activities on what they are getting into and in case of trouble, help them find possible solutions. Parents can even avoid situation where they themselves show aggression and take part in violent acts at home. They just need to understand the fact that children learn from their parents and in cases where they are witness to parental aggression and violence teens can end up being criminals.

• Understanding Law: Teenagers need to get aware of the crime risks they face, understand laws and law-enforcement practices and work with their community members. Teaching teens to manage their anger in non-violent ways will encourage them to avoid criminal activities.

• Counselling: We can take help from friends and adults leaders to learn the facts about crime and violence and ways to prevent it. Getting involved in service-learning projects will benefit our community and can in turn help teenagers.


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