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Suicide and Teens: Alarming Statistics on a Rise
Is your teen on the move towards the downward spiral leading to destruction of nothing else but his or her own self? Any teen, facing the extremes of an agitated state of mind may be on the lookout for suicide. It can be the only resort for him to the problems in life. As written in a forum discussion is nothing but true in all its sense. It goes like this, I have had a lot of suicidal teen friends over the last few years. I think I understand why teens often want to die, they want to stop their ongoing pain not physical but mental. I feel suicidal myself sometimes. At times, I feel discouraged, alone, misunderstood, controlled, judged, rejected, abandoned, and disapproved of, frustrated, hopeless and powerless. All of this hurts and sometimes I just want to stop the pain and can't think of any way to do but suicide. Some of my best friends have been suicidal teens. I feel understood by them and I do not feel judged. (Not often anyhow.) And I feel emotionally supported by them when I feel upset or depressed myself.
There is an alarming statistics proving it right and the sad part, it is rising in the US. There has been a considerable rising trend of youth suicide that has been observed. According to World Health Organization (WHO) European region, suicide rates in males aged 15-19 rose between 1979 and 1996 and it has been marked in 21 of the 30 countries. For females, suicide rates rose less markedly in 18 of the 30 countries studied. 80 percent teens have reportedly committed suicide, many have thought about suicide sometime during the past year, these are only the reported ones, and you can then think of those not reported yet. The statistics known to us are alarming, arouse fear and concern in everyone, and just think of the report not recorded so far, it can be something hard to imagine.
I would like to answer one obvious question, as to WHY? Why is there such an increase? Quite surprisingly, psychiatrists believe that more of suicides take place because of the inability to achieve any aspiration no matter how small it is like the inability to loose weight or become attractive or the inability to succeed in life in come what may circumstances. Some health agencies suggest the proliferation of anti-depressants among young people (these are known to increase the risk of suicidal behavior), while psychiatrists see family or social dysfunction as a cause. Various possible explanations for these rising suicidal trends could be the inability to bind with society and socialize, psychological disorders arising out of disturbed family life, divorced parents, financial crunch etc.
However, many suicides can be prevented if young people and those closest to them became familiar with and learn how to respond to the danger signs of a suicidal crisis, both in themselves and in their friends and family members. Parents, teens, friends and family, teachers, counselors, and even the survivors of prior suicide attacks who are recuperating with positive signs can help. Identify the situation that can unfortunately resemble your teens lifestyle or even something a little similar to what is given below and can therefore bring your worries into action to drastically stop your teen from getting suicidal.
Some of the anxious parents explain, pay heed to what is given below-
I usually land up late from office and it has been a week from now that I have been observing my 14 year old with disrupted sleep. He gets up every now and then, even after I force him to go to bed and the surprising thing, he does nothing as what is done in normal cases. He is also staying aloof from friends as I came to know from one of his friends and to my disbelief has cut marks on his wrist. Is he attempting suicide? How should I ask him? Will he get aggressive? I am tensed and really desperate for a solution.
My kid is keeping himself isolated and that too intentionally. Recently my daughter was invited to a friends birthday bash and she was planning for the occasion but to my surprise gave a ruthless answer on phone to a friend accompanying her just a day before the event and just hung up the receiver. She did it intentionally I know. But why? I have been observing constant mood swings like getting elated at times and too disheartened at times, as she often says she being of no worth. Why is she pulling away from her friends, wanting to be alone? Does it need a psychological help? Do help me out!
These are some of the forum questions I came across, seeking help. At least they are concerned and are near to indentifying the problem. It could possibly be the warning sign for you as well. If you are observing similar behavior and your teen is facing constant mood swings and finds peace of mind in staying aloof most of the time or talking less and is loosing interest from favorite activities then you must act fast and seek psychological help.
Not just as parent but also as a savior to humanity seek e-help at http://www.teensupport.us/ehelp.asp.


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