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Suicidal Tendencies- Causes and Remedies
The modern world of today is in with surprises for us, whether it is the emergence of new technology, laws or advances in the field of education and in equality to it common occurrences of suicidal attempts have shown a considerable increase. In the U.S. itself there are 1.26% of suicidal deaths and a significant increase in the rate among adolescent deaths is seen. Suicidal attempts by men is measured four times greater than women but it is alarming to know that adolescents get more inclined to such attempts. Almost four times as many men as women in the 15- 19 age group died by suicide. But, whatís the reason? How to bring about a stop to it? These questions haunt us a lot. Youngsters are our future and we just canít let our future end their lives. It is a matter of great worry especially for the parents and guardians and well wishers. Itís quite essential for us to get together in identifying the cause, symptom and possible remedy that can help us eradicate or at least lessen the amount of suicidal acts.
Situations that trigger the urge for suicidal attempts:
Personal problems in life leading to an emotional set back and demoralization creates a mental tendency to commit suicide and is often identified the reason. The growing rate of unemployment, financial crises, guilt feelings, alcohol or drug addiction, physical illness, mental illnesses are considered harbingers to such an unpleasant act. Often sad and tragic events such as death of a loved one, separation, rejection, failure and loneliness can aggravate suicidal tendencies to a larger extent. But the most common factors are depression and schizophrenic behaviors. Depression can lead to aloofness, loss of appetite, irrational attitudes and stress leading to the urge of ending oneís own life.
Symptoms Pertaining to Suicide:
One has to identify the symptoms that are responsible for such acts. Circumstances arising out of recklessness, tension, addiction to drugs, loss of appetite, fatigue, alcoholism, getting into self-injury, aggression, behavioral changes leading to a total personality transformation, greater amount of inferiority complex can send direct or indirect vibes encouraging a person to commit suicide and can increase suicidal tendencies generating in a personís mind.
The very fact that a person has signs of suicidal behaviors calls for help. The question is how to get out of traumatic situations in order to curtail suicidal attempts? Often ignorance leads to tragic events such as suicidal death. Working parents devote less time for their teenager kids and often become unaware of the routines their kids are in or know less about their friend circle and what there kids are into. This ignorance drift teenagers from their parents and they tend to get addicted to drugs, alcohol and in other cases go into a depressed state of mind. The solution is to devote time for teenager kids and giving them support whenever they need some. One thing to note is that depression may not mean that a person has suicidal tendencies; itís only that depression can aggravate the feeling of taking extreme steps like suicide. Communication is what is required the most. Proper counseling is required to cope with situations like these. Talk about what you are going through and it is something that needs attention. We must remember that there is nothing that has no solution and itís just a matter of identifying it and getting a remedy for it. Give yourself a chance, suicide is not the way out, it can only bring more pain and anguish to the people you leave behind.


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