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  Teen Troubles
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Are you or your friend reuired to know more about Alcohol.. Bad habits
4 828


By arpita, On11/26/2010

Keep yourself far away from crime, just discuss it.
4 781


By Shalu, On9/18/2008

if your teen is using drugs she is in danger of ruining her life.
2 396

Dangerous Drug Combinations

By rib, On8/26/2006

Prevent your teen from joining a gang:
1 219

Preventing your teen from joining a gang

By jack, On8/26/2006

If your teen has threatened to run away, donít hesitate to talk to her about it
1 205

Discuss about running away, why increse

By jack, On8/26/2006

Depression and suicidal feelings are treatable mental disorders.
1 196

If you are trying to sucide, just share

By jack, On8/26/2006

  Sex and Relationships
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Do you have a question about sex or something related to it? Ask here!
1 229

Take full Knowledge of your sex

By raju, On8/25/2006

Are you worried that you might be pregnant, or are you already a parent? Ask questions and get advice here.
2 365


By india, On2/20/2009

Having a problem with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Not sure how to talk to someone about how you feel? Let us know here and we'll be happy to help.
2 425

generic product

By smik, On5/25/2011

  Mind and Body
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Don't want to go to the doctor? You can ask us first. Please remember that we are not medical professionals.
3 2086

generic product for health

By alextady, On6/10/2011

Siblings bugging you? Parents always nagging? Come and share it with us in here.
3 393

Family & Other Relationship Problems

By tdkendall, On8/13/2012

Do you think you may have an ED, or currently do have an ED? You can talk about it in this forum.
1 190

Alway take's the complete diet

By raju, On8/25/2006

Need some help with school? Have questions about your homework? This is the forum for you.
3 522

College. Please help ASAP.

By SPuzzles, On2/15/2012

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This forum is used to announce and discuss new features, events, news, etc. Please don't post topic but sure reply the topics !
4 1006

Hi How's Today

By atul, On7/28/2006

This forum is for threads that don't fit anywhere else. Please check all forum descriptions before posting here to be sure there isn't a better location for your topic.
4 765

Help a girl!!

By anand, On7/24/2006

Have a suggestion? Let us know!
3 539


By india, On2/20/2009


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