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Drug Addiction: Putting an End to It
DRUG ADDICTION is commonly defined as ďThe compulsive use of drugs to an extent that a person gets use to it without getting acquainted to the physical, mental and social consequences adhering to it and does not have a choice but to continue drug intakeĒ. A relatively alarming statistic shows that nearly 40% of U.S. teens are influenced and want to try drugs, any time later in their lives. Some kids have already tried marijuana, heroin, cocaine and inhalants that adversely effect lungs and the brain cells leading to less concentration, reduced memory power, breathing problems, loss of stamina, irritable behavior, aggression and so on. The social consequences adhering to it can leave the addicted person detached from friend circles and other social affairs or often left out in order to face hatred and torments as the situation gets worse. One must be aware that drug addiction and alcoholism go hand in hand and a person receptive to a particular drug can accompany alcohol drinking with his or her addiction. A simple act of thrill as it is commonly thought of, can be serious at times and putting a drastic end to it is what is required.
The main thing is to indentify the problem in you. Who comes to know about it? Itís just you and only you. Others can just help and support you. Recognizing the problem, keeping a close watch on yourself and if problem persists getting help is utmost essential. Drug addiction is curable to the extent of your determination to eradicate it from your life. If you canít resist and stop consuming drugs then you are likely to have got addicted to it. Do not panic just have control. Try not to have it, if you are getting impatient and restless concentrate on other activities of amusement and if that is not helpful communicate with someone who can help you out, especially your parents who understand you more than anybody else and can give a possible solution to it.
If situation gets uncontrollable by family and friends then heading over to drug rehabilitation centers is the last option one can get into as they have the ultimate cure. But it depends that whether the person addicted is willing to go for it or not and if not then parents can take on the initiative. Rehabilitation centers may vary according to the type of drug consumed and how crucial the addiction is. There are rehab centers for adolescents, special cases and detox programs where straight facts about what a specific drug does to the brain cells and what it doesnítí do and the dangerous things it can let happen to your well being are analyzed before starting with a specific treatment. Your rehabilitation totally depends on these aspects. The rehab centers can put an end to complete addiction, help out in psychiatric recovery and dual diagnosis relating to addiction in combination with mental illness or any other ailment or addiction. A Drug rehabilitation program can help in the understanding of drug addiction, how it effects and other painful circumstances in can lead to, further in life.
Itís a big gamble of your life, you can either win or loose and drug addiction is a part and parcel of it. It is a life ruining addiction and bringing a close to it is a pre-requisite. These centers can make you aware of the painful consequences. Entering a drug rehabilitation center is scary at times as one has to stay away from family and undergo the treatment. Though these centers are often regarded as places no less than a hell with secluded chambers for the patients with rigorous rules but it is not like that. The drug rehabilitation centers of today have highly advanced treatment procedures. The rehab centers have highly supervised schedules for the patient involving therapies, psychoanalysis and total restriction in the intake of illicit substances. No sooner than later the patients in these centers soon come to realize that a little sacrifice can earn a happy and healthy life free from addiction. It someway sounds difficult and it is difficult but not impossible and itís your willpower that is going to make a new beginning to your life. So if you feel you need a help just proceed. Dial Teen Support Hotline number 1-800-662-4357 and get going with an addiction free life. In case of support on other teen related problems click onto http://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp.


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