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How to Curtail Suicidal Tendencies?
Teenagers of today are more prone to suicidal tendencies which could happen as a result of growing rate of stress, low confidence level, financial crises, guilt feelings, alcohol or drug addiction, physical illness, mental illnesses, family problems, circumstances arising out of recklessness, tension, loss of appetite, self-injury, aggression, behavioral changes leading to a total personality transformation, greater amount of inferiority complex and fatigue that can directly or indirectly encourage suicidal actions. It is happening at an alarmingly increased rate, every minute and every second. For some teenagers, divorce of parents, parents getting re-married and the presence of step-parents and step-siblings and the inability to adjust with them can lead to suicidal acts for the person unable to cope with situations like these. Sad demise of a loved one, separation, rejection, failure, ignorance and loneliness can aggravate suicidal tendencies to a larger extent.
The question now stands out to be is to, how to get out of such situations in order to curtail suicidal tendencies? Often ignorance leads to tragic events such as suicidal death as working parents have less time for their teenager kids or kids have fewer friends to communicate with. This ignorance drifts teenagers from their parents or can make them less interactive with friends and who as a possible consequence of it, go into a depressed state of mind and attempt suicides. The solution is to devote time and in such a case parents should take some time out of their busy schedules, if not everyday then at least on the weekends to spend with their kids and encourage them to make friends or join any recreational class or parents can take them out to dine in order to cheer them up. The point is to keep a note of the childís behavior.
Suicide is directly related to depression and suicidal tendencies arise, out of a depressed state of mind but what is worth noting here is that depression may not mean that a person has suicidal tendencies. A prolonged state of depression can off course lead to aloofness, loss of appetite, irrational attitudes and stress leading to the urge of ending oneís own life. Itís therefore time to act fast to combat depression. Communication is what is required the most. Proper counseling is a necessity here.
Depression and suicidal feelings are treatable mental disorders but it entirely depends on individual efforts. The symptoms should be identified, diagnosed and rectified as early as possible thereby curtailing suicidal tendencies with appropriate developed treatment plans. If youíre a teen coping up with depression or if you know a teen who may be depressed it is important to let them know you care and to get them help as soon as possible. Psychotherapy and medication through herbal capsules can be prescribed under clinical supervision. Alternative therapies to curtail suicidal acts can also be undertaken after prior research and consultation. These therapies involve Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Reflexology.
Self remedy can help too. This does not mean that a teenager with suicidal feelings have to cope up with the ongoing pain all by himself. Self remedy means to go for the solution yourself by communicating about your trauma or pain with someone who is willing to talk to you and off course to a person whom you can trust. Talk about what you are going through and it is something that needs attention as you are serious about committing suicide. You will have to attempt yourself to mend things out and this is how you can go about with self remedy to curtail suicidal acts. We must remember that there is nothing that is incurable and itís just a matter of identifying it and getting relief from the pain that compels a person to end his or her precious life. For more help on this visit http://www.teensupport.us/advice.asp.


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