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Coming out of Alcoholism
Alcoholism is the biggest curse today with majority of Alcoholics among the teens. Alcoholism is common in America and drinking habits is more commonly seen in kids as they try it out for fun without knowing the consequences. Social drinking can often lead to addiction. Social drinking is defined by one standard drink per hour, and no more than 3 per day. It can happen gradually by increasing the number of social drinking sessions. The problem often arises when occasional drinking with friends becomes a frequent habit leading to addiction.
Our question stands out to be on how to let kids come out of it? The wise thing is to catch up early before drinking transforms into addiction. Teens get lured up a lot by what they see and do start drinking. This could be curbed and one can eventually come out of it. To begin with parents have got to play their role in identifying the symptoms and helping out their kids. They also need to get aware of the fact that the effects of alcohol abuse can be extremely serious and even lead to fatal circumstances. Teen alcoholism can lead to serious neurological damage to the brain cells creating obstacles in gradual brain development. Our brain gets developed by the age group of 16 or 17 and is fully matured by 21 and constant alcoholism can stop the growth and lead to impaired memory and permanent damage of brain cells. Alcoholism invites tragedy and lead to accidents, suicides and even criminal offensive acts. Each year, almost 2000 people under the age of 21 years die in car crashes in which underage drinking is involved. Alcoholism, therefore is no longer recognized just an adult problem but a problem cropping up among the teens.
Isolation, dissatisfaction, depression, mental stress and bad influence leads to alcohol addiction and often ignorance to the grave effects of alcoholism that can lead a teenage mind to get involved in alcoholism. Parents can keep a check on the activities of their teenage children and guide them through in case of assistance or communicate with them if they are depressed or are feeling ignored. Parents can encourage kids to attend self-help support groups or venture at websites providing counseling on issues of this stature. The teenager getting into this should understand that the consequence leading to alcoholism can ruin his or her life to a large extent. Awareness is what is required that can help a teenager to identify the difference between right and wrong. There can be several other positive methods to come out of your mental stress and alcoholism is no way out.


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